Retailer Awards

Wine-Searcher recognises independent merchants and stores who sell the best selection of wine representative of a particular region.

Using Wine-Searcher’s global database of 9,804,213 offers from 22,428 stores, we have identified those with ranges that best represent specific wine regions.


We are delighted to award Q Wines the following in Wine-Searcher’s inaugural Retailer Awards:

Gold 2017 European List in Somerset
Gold 2017 Overall List in Somerset
Gold 2017 French List in Somerset
Each year, only a limited number of awards will be issued. These awards recognize price lists that Wine-Searcher consider excellent. Some of the factors taken into account as to what makes an outstanding price list are the quality of the wines, the wine regions represented and the variety of vintages stocked.

Kind Regards,

The Team at Wine-Searcher

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