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Ideal wine gifts
Dear Sir/Madam Christmas will be on our doorstep before we know it, so here at Q Wines we are offering a tailored wine ordering service for all your private and corporate wine needs and to suit every budget. Maybe you would like to show your appreciation to your staff or say thank you to your most valued clients, or alternatively, you might be hosting a special Christmas dinner and need some assistance choosing the perfect wine to accompany it; our Sommelier will come back to you with his suggestions within 24 hours. If you already know what you want, our Sommelier will...
Heart Health Properties Exclusive to Red Wine
Roughly 7.4 million adults in the UK are living with heart and circulatory system disease, with coronary heart disease most common. As a result, many people are looking for ways to improve their heart health that are easy to incorporate into their everyday lives. Perhaps that’s the reason for the rise in popularity of the claim that red wine may offer heart health benefits. Popular though it may be, it’s not just hype. In fact, red wine can offer other health perks alongside its potential for increased heart health. What makes it heart-healthy? Indeed, red wine can...