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Heart Health Properties Exclusive to Red Wine
Roughly 7.4 million adults in the UK are living with heart and circulatory system disease, with coronary heart disease most common. As a result, many people are looking for ways to improve their heart health that are easy to incorporate into their everyday lives. Perhaps that’s the reason for the rise in popularity of the claim that red wine may offer heart health benefits. Popular though it may be, it’s not just hype. In fact, red wine can offer other health perks alongside its potential for increased heart health. What makes it heart-healthy? Indeed, red wine can...
The Best Wine Pairings For Healthy Skin
The Best Wine Pairings For Healthy Skin Red wine has long been lauded for its health benefits, which include boosting heart health, protecting against certain cancers, and even fighting the signs of ageing. Why red wine in particular? Red wines get their colour from grape skin, which contains polyphenols that are packed with antioxidants. Resveratrol, in particular, protects cells against free radicals, which play a huge part in causing issues like fine lines and wrinkles. If glowing, youthful skin is what you’re after, here are the wine pairings you should be on the...
Biodynamic Viticulture
Biodynamic viticulture is an approach based on the work of Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner. In addition to organic practices such as composting and the exclusion of artificial chemical pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilisers, biodynamic farmers rely on special plant, animal and mineral preparations to enhance the health of their soil and vines. Utilising the Stella Natura Biodynamic agricurtural calendar, biodynamic farmers also consider the positioning and rhythmic influences of the sun, moon, planets and stars as guides for when to prune, plant or dig.
Organic Wines
In the EU, there is no such thing, legally, as an "organic wine", only a wine made from organically grown grapes. Best sustainable practices ae followed as the protection of the environment during the production process with biodiversity encouraged in the vineyard.The use of artificial chemical compounds for and sprays is eschewed ( although copper sulphate is an exception to protect  against mildew). In the winery, manipulation of the wine is limited and there are tighter restrictions on the level of sulphites allowed in the finished wine ( which must be al least 30-50mg per...
Discover Burgundy
Created in 2017, Heritour Voyage is a young, dynamic and energetic tour organising company that is based in Burgundy, France. We are specialised in the organisation of small tours, circuits and bespoke travel in Burgundy. Our primary focus is to provide you with a memorable travel experience through the best personalised itineraries and professional customer service with the creation of bespoke and custom made tour for and by you, or with our preorganised daily tours in small group. We want welcome you and accompany you to travel the way you are. We are proud to present you...
Retailer Awards
Wine-Searcher recognises independent merchants and stores who sell the best selection of wine representative of a particular region. Using Wine-Searcher’s global database of 9,804,213 offers from 22,428 stores, we have identified those with ranges that best represent specific wine regions.   We are delighted to award Q Wines the following in Wine-Searcher’s inaugural Retailer Awards: Gold 2017 European List in Somerset Gold 2017 Overall List in Somerset Gold 2017 French List in Somerset Each year, only a limited number of awards...
Ideal wine gifts
Dear Sir/Madam Christmas will be on our doorstep before we know it, so here at Q Wines we are offering a tailored wine ordering service for all your private and corporate wine needs and to suit every budget. Maybe you would like to show your appreciation to your staff or say thank you to your most valued clients, or alternatively, you might be hosting a special Christmas dinner and need some assistance choosing the perfect wine to accompany it; our Sommelier will come back to you with his suggestions within 24 hours. If you already know what you want, our Sommelier will...