Sweet and Fortified

Sweet and Fortified Wines are sweeter and stronger style of wines much appreciated with desserts, several types of cheese or as an aperitif. They are made using many different wine making techniques. Wine with over 45 g/L of residual sugar would be considered sweet, though many of the great sweet wines have levels much higher than this.
Riesling Late Harvest Organic Seresin Estate
Coteau du Layon Les 4 Vents Pithon Paille
Marcarini Moscato d'Asti
Port Ruby Finest Reserve NV Quinta do Crasto
Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh Moelleux Chateau d'Aydie
Quinta do Passadouro Port Ruby Reserve
Port LBV Unfiltered Sandeman
Quinta de la Rosa Port Ruby Lot 601
Quinta de la Rosa Port White
Port LBV Offley
Sauternes Garonelles Lucien Lurton et Fils
Morsi di Luce Cantine Florio
Port LBV Unfiltered Quinta do Infantado
Aleatico di Puglia Francesco Candido
Port LBV Quinta do Crasto
Quinta de La Rosa Port Finest Reserve