Syrah or Shiraz is a dark-skinned grape grown throughout the world and used primarily to produce powerful red wines. It is called Syrah in its country of origin,France, as well as in the rest of Europe,Argentina,Chile,Uruguay and most of the United Stetes. The nameShiraz became popular for this grape variety in Australia. The variety produces wines with a wide range of flavour notes, depending on the climate and soils where it is grown, as well as other viticultural practices chosen. Aroma characters can range from violets to berries, chocolate, espresso and black pepper.
Frankland Estate Shiraz Rocky Gully - Case of 6
Petite Sirah Palisades Vineyard Old Vines Napa Valley Tor
Shiraz The Love Grass d'Arenberg - Case of 6
Syrah Reserva Vina Falernia - Case of 6
Shiraz Fairview - Case of 6
Syrah Columbia Valley Chateau Ste Michelle - Case of 6
Shiraz Are You Game Fowles Wine - Case of 6
Shiraz Henley Geoff Merrill
Syrah Hawkes Bay Trinity Hill - Case of 6
Shiraz The Barossan Barossa Valley Peter Lehmann - Case of 6
Côte Rôtie La Mordorée 2008 M Chapoutier
Syrah Cuvee Keltie Sonoma County Donelan
Syrah Obsidian Knights Valley Donelan
Côte Rôtie La Mordorée 2009 M Chapoutier
Shiraz Mount Edelstone Henschke
Domaine Rene Rostaing Cote-Rotie La Landonne