Red Wine is an alcoholic beverage typically made of fermented red grape juice.  Its colour can be derived from a range of grape varietals that are reddish, deep purple, and even a blue on the colour scale. These grapes give rise to a wine that is colour classified with such descriptors as garnet, almost black, dark red, light red, ruby red, opaque purple, deep violet, maroon and the list goes on. As with all wines, winemaker decides of the style of wine he will produce. Red wines are often classified by “body-type”. A light-bodied wine will have fewer tannins present and less presence on the palate. These wines tend to be less demanding partners with flavour-filled foods. The best examples are Beaujolais and Pinot Noir from Cotes de Beaune. A medium-bodied red wine will contain more tannins than the above Beaujolais, moderate texture. Typical example of medium-bodied red wines is Merlot from Chile. Full-bodied red wines boast the highest tannin (and often alcohol) content. Prime examples of full-bodied reds are France’s esteemed Bordeaux wines, California’s key Cabernet Sauvignon and Italy’s sizzling Super Tuscans.
Roasting Reds Mixed Case of 6 Wines
Chianti Classico Gran Selezione Colledilà Ricasoli
Lessona Proprieta Sperino
Malbec Atorrante Chakana - Case of 6
Shiraz Gravel Hill Hartenberg Wine Estate
Zinfandel Monte Rosso Louis Martini
De Notari Cesanese San Marco - Case of 6
Bergerac Merlot Château Laulerie - Case of 6
Cabernet Sauvignon IGP Pays d'Oc Les Mougeottes - Case of 6
Valpolicella Alpha Zeta - Case of 6
Cabernet Sauvignon Malbec Petit Verdot Vistaflores Terroir Series Kaiken - Case of 6
Malbec Bonarda Petit Verdot Vistaflores Terroir Series Kaiken - Case of 6
Sangre de Toro Familia Torres - Case of 6
Syrah 7even Zevenwacht - Case of 6
Mencia Alma de Tinto Pazo das Tapias - Case of 6
Pinot Noir Rosemarys Arroyo Grande Valley Talley Estate