New Zealand

  New Zealand’s wine industry has become highly successful in the international market. To meet the increasing demand for its wines, the country’s vineyard plantings have more than tripled in the ten years ending in 2005. New Zealand Pinot Noir is fruit-driven, forward and early maturing in the bottle. It tends to be quite full bodied (for the variety), very approachable and oak maturation tends to be restrained. High quality examples of New Zealand Pinot Noir are distinguished by savoury, earthy flavours with a greater complexity. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc has been described by some as “alive with flavours of cut grass and fresh fruits”.
Sauvignon Blanc The Frost Pocket
Pinot Noir Marlborough Stopbanks
Sauvignon Blanc Land Made Yealands
Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough Ribbonwood
Sauvignon Blanc Long Bend
Sauvignon Blanc Turning Heads
Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough Stopbanks
Sauvignon Blanc Yealands
Riesling Dry Marlborough Kim Crawford
Sauvignon Blanc Mohua Peregrine Wines
Pinot Gris Marlborough Kim Crawford
Pinot Gris Marlborough Tinpot Hut
Riesling Marlborough Ribbonwood
Pinot Noir Land Made Yealands
Sauvignon Blanc Hawkes Bay Trinity Hill
Gewurztraminer Yealands