Malbec is a variety of purple grape used in making red wine. The grapes tend to have an inky dark color and robust tannins. Long known as one of the six grapes allowed in the blend of redBordeaux wine, the French plantations of Malbec are now found primarily in Cahors in the South West France region. It is increasingly celebrated as an Argentine varietal wine and is being grown around the world.
Malbec Estate Humberto Canale
Malbec Colchagua Valley Montes Alpha
Malbec La Mascota
Malbec Clasico Altos Las Hormigas
Malbec Altosur Finca Sophenia
Malbec ES Vino Finca Sophenia
Malbec Alpataco Familia Schroeder
Malbec La Flor Pulenta Estate
Malbec Ultra Kaiken
Malbec Reserva Vina Falernia
Cahors Malbec Chateau Bovila
Malbec El Esteco
Cahors Terrasse Malbec Causse du Theron
Malbec Gran Corte Amalaya
Malbec Terroir Uco Valley Altos Las Hormigas
Malbec Select Saurus Familia Schroeder