France has the world’s second-largest total vineyard area. The wines produced today range from expensive high-end wines sold internationally such from Burgundy and Bordeaux, to more modest wines usually only seen within France. France is the source of many grape varieties (such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah ) that are now planted throughout the world, as well as several wine-making practices and styles of wine that are copied and imitated in other producing countries. French wine industry as a whole has been influenced by a decline in domestic consumption as well as growing competition from both the New World and other European countries.
Brouilly Chateau de Pierreux
Faugeres Organic Domaine des Prés Lasses
Gewurztraminer Reserve Cave de Hunawihr
Quincy Domaine des Ballandors
Saumur Brut Rose NV Domaine de Brize
Vouvray Brut Chateau Moncontour
Saumur Brut NV Domaine de Brize
Cahors Terrasse Malbec Causse du Theron
Vouvray Demi Sec Sylvain Gaudron
Vouvray Sec Didier Champalou
Vouvray Sec Sylvain Gaudron
Cadillac Cotes de Bordeaux Chateau de Fontenille
Corbières La Selection Château du Vieux Parc
Le Grand A Aligote Vin de France David Moret
Mâcon Charnay Les Chênes Domaine Manciat-Poncet
Cotes de Provence Rose Le Pas du Moine Chateau Gassier