Syrah Pays d'Oc Roc de Belame - Case of 6

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Southern France
Roc de Belame


This is a ruby red wine of a good intensity with crimson reflections surrounding a mauve shade at the edge of the glass. This wine has kept its youthful colour. A bright, clear and well concentrated bottle. At the nose this wine exudes youth. Fruity notes are dominated by blackcurrants and blueberries. A note of age appears with the aromas of cardamom, wood and smoke, beautifully blended with the fruitiness. Aeration brings the notes of plum and violet to this delight. A strong and full flavoured wine. This wine has all the flavours sensed at the nose, brought about with a fruity opening and fommowed by an acidic, tannic structure. This is a fresh and virile wine. The fresh notes of black fruits are delicious, and the spicy touches of pepper bring a warm edge.

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