Riesling Federspiel Loibner Burgstall Wachau FX Pichler

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FX Pichler


F.X. Pichler is located in Wachau, a region so remarkably beautiful it has earned a spot on Unesco’s World Heritage list. The Pichler family have been farmers in the region for five generations. Franz Xaver (F.X.) built a winery in 1971, and his son Lucas makes the wines today. Lucas’ grandfather began with three hectares of land, which have now grown to 22 hectares because Lucas finds it hard to say no when rare vineyard plots are made available for sale. 70% of their wines are classed as Smaragd, the highest quality level in the standards set by a select group of producers, the Vinea Wachau, while 30% are classed as Federspie, the middle level. The climate in the Wachau is influenced by several sources; the moderating Danube River; cold air from the forests in Waldviertel and Dunkelsteiner; and warm air from the Pannonian basin.

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